Lindsay Lohan Hit a Person While Driving and Flees

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Just when we thought Lindsay Lohan is back to her pre-DUI days and mayhem when she is behind the wheel.

Just after midnight Wednesday Lilo left the Sayers Club in Hollywood in her new Porsche and when she made contact to the manager of the club, the supposed to be trouble free starlet ran away from the scene.

Cops of course were called and they came to interview people on the scene as well as the club manager who was hit.

It can be noted as well that Lindsay was just trying to avoid the paparazzi and some bystanders and in doing so hit a person. It was noted as well that it might have been Lindsay who called cops to protect herself from the paparazzi which might have been overly aggressive as well.

Just when Lindsay is getting trouble free now, this incident came in.

Good news though, because the manager whom Lindsay hit might not have been injured which would mean that Lindsay did not violate any law.

But still, wait and see for more updates because so far that is all the information available and there could be more case development coming.

So stay tuned!


American Idol Contestant Jermaine Jones to Be Kicked Off For Hiding Criminal Past

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Jermaine Jones will be kicked off “American Idol” on Wednesday’s show, following the revelation that the singer hid his criminal past from producers.

The finalist, who ironically was eliminated earlier in the season before being brought back, allegedly concealed that he was charged with two crimes — one violent — in 2011, and still has warrants out for his arrest.

Jones confirmed his disqualification on Twitter late Tuesday, tweeting, “Awww I will no longer b on the show.”

Producers began investigating Jones’ background after conflicting reports emerged as to whether he and his father were really estranged, as he had claimed during his emotional audition, according to TMZ.